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Brian Tracy guide to time management


This is another influencing book of Brian Tracy. this book is important to Corporations, students to manage their time well. in this guide they wrote some time management Psychology, techniques, how to keep your commitments. they also defines the four D's for effectiveness: Desire, Decisiveness, Determination, Discipline.

1) Desire:- You must have burning desire to take control of your time and to achieve effectiveness.

2) Decisiveness:- You have to make the clear decision to practice good time management techniques and habits.

3) Determination:- You have willing to be consistent with your higher priorities for practicing time management.

4) Discipline:- You must discipline yourself for making time management a lifelong habit.

"All winners in life is use their time well"

Psychology of time management

1) How you think and feel about yourself largely determine on quality of your life and emotional core of your personality is your self-esteem. it defines how much you like yourself. the more competent, capable and productive you feel the higher is your self-esteem.

2) Make a decision:- Every change in your life comes about when you make a crystal clear decision to do something.

3) Program your mind:- Psychology says "95% of your emotions and your actions are determined by the way that you talk to yourself most of the time" and "you become what you think about most of the time". say yourself positive affirmations daily until you believe it from your inner self. for time management you have to affirm yourself "I am well organized and productive". "I am an excellent time manager".

4) Visualize yourself as you want to be:- Visualization is very powerful technique used by all famous personalities. Visualize yourself as a person you want to be. if you want to be a kind type of personality see yourself as kind person in your mind. Visualize where you want to be in next 5 years.

5) Meaning and purpose:- "Each person has deep need for meaning and purpose in life". if you have purpose in life then time management is easy for you. because by that purpose you are consistent with what you have to accomplish which you value the most.

Some techniques to use Time management well

1) Mental Programming:- "Do it now" is the most powerful words you can use to increase your productivity. whenever you find yourself procrastinating repeat to yourself "do it now" 20 to 30 times you will find yourself unconsciously stay on your most important task .

2) Make written plans:- If you have to create new project Take time to think, plan and visualize. write down all your goals related to them. there is rule "every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution". and always remember 6P of planning "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance". when we have written plans we are crystal clear about what is expected to accomplish in your life.

3) Determine your key results area:- Important key to high productivity is for you to focus and concentrate on most valuable and important things you can do all day long which create big impact in your work. so concentrate on your passion and follow your efforts.

if you need to read productive techniques then must read my previous blog "Eat That Frog".


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