Creative Block.

The causes and the solution of Creative Block.

-"I can't focus on it, it's really hard to know what I really want"

-"I feel so dumb, I don't get any new refreshing ideas "

Does it sound familiar?

Well, then chances are you're facing a creative block. Creative blocks, or barriers to inspiration, or it can be described as the inabililty to access one's internal creativity.

Writers, musicians, performers, artists- are often more likely to be affected by creative blocks, which can last for days, weeks, months or maybe even years.

Major Causes

- Self Doubt.

- Comparing with others.

- Personal problems.

- Creative burnout.

- Repeated rejection.

These could be some of the reasons you're facing a creative block. And if you notice, most of them are psychological factors rather than external. Which calls for an 'Action'.


How to overcome a creative block?

1. take a break.

The first approach you should be doing is a pause for a moment and take a break, spend more time with friends/family. Stay away from your usual routine and just unwind from all the noise.

2. do what excites and inspires you.

Keeping your work aside, pick up things that excite & inspire you. It could be your hobby/leisure/activity which sparks excitement, inspiration, and happiness on its own.

3. face your fears.

Face your fears. Whatever it is you're afraid of, do that thing. Come out of your comfort zone and explore your true self.

4. give yourself some "mine time".

Working on too many projects at once can suffocate your creativity. If you're feeling burned out, allot some time for yourself and give yourself some quality time.

5. or............ you could just sleep it off.

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