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How to retain your privacy?

There are many active issues in each country of the world. Be it political, religious, social, anything. However, there is another issue which people don't seem to realize is a big one. Privacy compromisation. Now you must be wonder who's compromising our privacy? The answer is simple: the services you use. The mail service, your entertainment services, search engines, and web browsers you use all collect your private data like your address, your location, your contacts, your internet browsing data, your shopping preferences, your likes, dislikes, social media activity, debit/credit card information, and much more.

How are they collecting my data? Isn't that illegal?

Data stealing is totally against cyber laws, and yes, it is illegal. However, these services collect your data with your own consent. Yes. You'd wonder when they ask for your consent. Remember when you instantly hit that "I agree" button without even reading the license and agreement? Ringing any bells? Sure does I guess. Well, then you'd say I won't hit that "I agree" button. Won't do any good. If you don't agree to their terms of services, you will not be able to use that service. Wicked, isn't it? I know. So what exactly to do?

What's the solution?

Of course, this is the sole motive of this blog. So, here are some of the solutions I came up with and personally use. My solutions are divided into 2 categories:

1) Effective.

2) Very Effective. You will know why.

1) Effective :

A) Using proxy or VPN.

I assume you are familiar with VPN. I'd suggest to keep it on 'at all times'. That way the services you use won't be able to log your real location while still providing you the service. Proxies work pretty much the same. You don't need to know in-depth, trust me. If you are on android, choose any free VPN you like. If you are on windows and use chrome browser, follow these steps for VPN:

  • visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore

  • In the search bar type - touch VPN. Hit enter.

  • You'll see a touch VPN extension. Click on 'Add to Chrome'

  • Wait for it to add.

  • You'll see an icon added on the top right on chrome. Click on it, select your desired location, and Connect. Done!

To use a proxy:

  • Visit - http://kproxy.com/

  • Connect to any desired website or simply use google (inserted by default)

  • Click on 'Surf'. Done!

To ensure you are anonymous, head over to - www.whatismyipaddress.com

Check your location and IP. If it is showing you your real location. You've made some sort of mistake. If not, Bravo, your location is anonymous. (For browsing sake.)

B) Keep your GPS turned off at all times. This won't suppress your real-time location for all times but will surely reduce many apps attempting to track your location. If you don't want your location tracked by google at all (which is what you should do),

follow these steps :

  • head over to your android settings.

  • Open Google settings.

  • Tap on manage your google account

  • Go to Data & Personalisation.

  • Under activity controls, tap on web & app Activity.

  • Turn off web & app Activity, tap on pause.

You can also turn off location history in the same way just below to make sure your location history won't be monitored.

C) Make sure you don't let any app/website save your credit/debit card details. They won't steal any of your money but will sell this data to other companies which informs them about your banking preferences and card preferences, which will result in annoying bank advertises on mails and SMS.

2) Very Effective :

A) Don't use Google services.

It sounds absolutely crazy, but trust me, this will give you a heck lot of privacy. Also, I will give you some of the alternatives you could use instead of Google services.

  • Use the Firefox browser instead of Chrome. It does not track you.

  • use Tor browser, a Firefox-based browser which is the best when it comes to becoming anonymous. Tor is available on android/windows.

  • Use the duckduckgo search engine instead of Google. It does not store any of the information about what websites you visit. Using duckduck go will be very helpful in maintaining your anonymity and securing your privacy.

  • Instead of using the YouTube app, visit youtube.com on the firefox browser without signing in. You will still be able to play videos.

  • Gmail seems a bit necessary, but use it only for official purposes. At other times, use tempmail instead. Head over to - https://temp-mail.org/en/ or download the app from the play store/ apple store.

  • Instead of using Google drive, use the cloud storage provided by your phone manufacturer. Eg: MiCloud, Oppo Cloud, OnePlus cloud service. Your data doesn't get stolen on Google Cloud but since we are not using any Google services, these are the alternatives.

  • Do not use Google Calendars or google Clock. Always use Calendar and Clock apps provided by the manufacturer. Similarly, do not use google's dialer app.

Actually there's a third category: Most Effective, which will make you Invisible on the internet. It is :

Using Linux OS.

Linux is known for its high-level of security. The person using Linux is not at all prone to any data theft, Viruses issues. Then again we are so used to using Windows, we just won't like it. But the thing is, what would it be? Ease of access, or Privacy? You can install Linux distribution while also keeping your Windows for playing games and stuff.

Once you install Linux, set up Proxy chains and whoosh! You are invisible on the internet. Whatever you do, you don't get tracked even for a second. I will write my next blog on how to install Linux while also keeping Windows (Dual Boot) and setting up a proxy

chains to stay anonymous on the internet.

You might have noticed, the more anonymous you try to become, the more inconvenient it gets for you. But you know, some people just don't like their privacy stolen from them. Maybe you are one? Let's become secure our privacy together than shall we?

If this blog/tutorial helped you, please let me know down below in the comments. Also, feel free to contact me on my Instagram @maverick_141, regarding any help to become anonymous and cybersecurity.


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