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Move on In Relationship

Start is not so difficult but for this luck is much needed. As we have lot of influence of Bollywood in every individual, people always wants love crisp and Marsala in their own story. And that’s the beginning of an era.

He is walking in grace with four or five friends around him and one beautiful  girl passes around him. Though she doesn’t observe much but friend’s enthusiastic line “bhai usne dekha”  and story begins here

As days pass, unknown become friends, and within short period of time they become a girlfriend boyfriend. And this is best feeling in the world. Really now they started to love each other like anything. They want to spent time with each other, bunking classes, offices and going for date is very common in this days. Both of them were having lot of friends earlier but they have built solid structure of love bricks to form their own world and they are happy in this world.

They haven’t been physical yet. Ohhh  really?? Come on man. Room ka jugad is easiest thing in the world. So no need to talk on this

Now  coming to agenda of relationship. That is marriage. They can’t live without each other. And they cry together if they watch any emotional movie.  So it’s very obvious they won’t be happy. Ohh no no.. Here alive is synonyms of happy. So I must say they won’t be alive if they don’t marry each other.

But here newton’s third law applies. Now this was all action, and reaction is yet to come, that is nothing but downfall in the relationship. There is bunch of reason for this downfall. And slowly bricks of their world started to weaken. And finally that day arrives.

Breakup. Ya, you heard it right. They have broken up now.  But how is this possible? They can’t live without each other and now they broke up. It’s just impossible.

It’s all about affection. And nothing is permanent in life. Because they forget everything in fraction just saying themselves  “Move on”.  but this move on is real but we never know does it last long. But always keep saying yourself  Move on…Move on…Move on…

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