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Productivity Tips and Thoughts from EAT THAT FROG

I will share with you some Techniques or powerful thoughts from Eat That Frog book.

If you want to learn how to be productive then you must read this book.

Eat That Frog is written by Brian Tracy. it's an International best seller book by Brian Tracy.

Some powerful thoughts from Eat That Frog which will inspire all of us:-

1) To reach your full potential, you must form the habit of putting pressure on yourself, and not waiting for someone else to come along and do it for you.

2) See yourself as role model for others. raise the bar on yourself. the standard you set for your own work and behavior should be higher than anyone else could set for you.

3) To perform at your best, you must become your own personal cheerleader.

4) Your ability to choose between important and unimportant is the key determinant of your success in life.

5) To do something new, you must complete or stop doing something old.

6) The most important word in the world of work is "Contribution". your rewards, both financial and emotional, will always be in direct proportion to your results, to the value of your contribution.

7) The biggest enemies we have to overcome on the road to success are fears of failure and rejections.

8) One of the best way to overcome procrastination is focus on a single task and action that you can take.

9) You can accomplish the biggest task in your life by disciplining yourself to take just one step at a time.

10) The more you learn and know, the more confident and motivated you feel.

11) By putting pressure on yourself, you accomplish more and better tasks, faster than ever before.

12) Your mind, your ability to think, plan and decide, is your most powerful tool to overcoming procrastination and increase your productivity

Some techniques to be Productive:-

1) Write your goals down (Think On Paper):- Clear written goal have a wonderful effect on your thinking. they motivate you. When you write your goal down you give it a tangible form and you are crystal clear about that goal. after writing your goal you have to visualize your goal in mind everyday.

2) Set a deadline on your goal:- A goal without a deadline has no urgency. it has no real beginning or end. by setting a deadline and achieving goal help you increase in your confidence.

3) Make a lists:- To be productive you have to make some advance planning lists.

a) Master list:- Master list is long term goals list. in this list you plan what to do in a whole year.

b) Monthly list:- Make this list at the end of a month for what to do in next month.

c) Weekly list:- You have to plan your next week in advanced. this list make at the end of the week.

d) To-do list:- To do list is used for achieving day-to-day goals. you make it at end of day.

4) Apply 80/20 Rule(Pareto Principle):- 80/20 principle is made by Wilfredo Pareto. this principle is helpful in time and life management. Pareto principle says that 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your result. this means if you have a list of 10 items to do, two of those items will turn out to be worth as more than the other eight items put together.

5) Develop a sense of urgency:- The most identifiable quality of a highly performing people is "action orientation". they are in hurry to get their key task completed.highly productive people take time to think, plan and set priorities. they work steadily, smoothly and continuously.

6) Think about the long term:- Your long term goal is your biggest motivation. Successful people are those who are willing to delay gratification and make sacrifices in the short term so that they can enjoy far greater rewards in the long term.

7) Use ABCDE method continuously:- This is most important part in setting priorities

A:- A item is defined as something very important that you must do. if you have more than one A task, you prioritize task by writing A-1, A-2. these are the frogs of your life and you have to eat your ugliest frog means your biggest task.

B:- B task defined as the task that you should do but not important than A items.

C:- C task is something that would be nice to do, but for which there are no consequences at all, whether you do it or not.

D:- D task is something you can delegate someone else.

E:- E task is something that you can eliminate or it won't make any real difference.

"Eat The Frog and don't stop until it's finish completely"

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